What if…

Installations at depths of greater than 30’ were suddenly practical? How many lift stations could you eliminate?

What if..

You could dewater only at manhole (shaft) locations?

What if…

You could limit the need to resurface pavement, replace curbs or restore landscaping to only shaft locations?

Find out how…

Do all of these things and more with the Pilot Tube Method of Guided Boring and NO-DIG pipe.

Whether you’re an experienced engineer with questions about project design and specifications or a contractor preparing for your first pilot tube installation, we are here to assist you. Many of our seminars qualify for PDH credits.  Contact our office to obtain the resources or training you need to ensure a successful project or improve your knowledge of sewer pipe materials and installation methods.

We offer educational seminars for system designers, municipalities, contractors and maintenance professionals to ensure long-term success.  We customize presentations to your specific interests and needs.

We will work with you throughout the design and installation process to ensure success.

Contact our office or the National Clay Pipe Institute to arrange for an introductory – Pilot Tube Method seminar or a Contractor’s Primer seminar.

Seminars qualify for PDH credits.