Logan Clay Products' NO-DIG® Pipe for Gravity Sanitary Sewers

For Pilot Tube Microtunneling, Pipe Bursting, Slurry Microtunneling and Sliplining Applications



The most successful projects begin well before the design phase, when the lead engineer is just assessing the conditions and considering trenchless installation options.  To find out more, contact us or schedule a presentation on trenchless methods. PDH credits may be available.


Once a project is in the design phase, our qualified engineers are available for consultation.


The details of trenchless installation are fairly simple, but the best results are consistently achieved by teams who have been trained by a qualified manufacturer’s representative. Training should be requested at the time the pipe order is placed.


The eventual success of any project is frequently driven by the expertise of the contractor’s crew.  There are many experienced crews operating nationwide, but if your contractor would like a refresher, or if your inspector has questions, a manufacturer’s representative can be available to assist with crew and inspector training prior to the beginning of a new project.


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