Logan Clay Products' NO-DIG® Pipe for Gravity Sanitary Sewers

For Pilot Tube Microtunneling, Pipe Bursting, Slurry Microtunneling and Sliplining Applications


No-Dig Pipe Installation

Static Pipe Bursting with NO-DIG Pipe

NO-DIG Pipe Pipe Bursting Step 1

Step 1

Advance Quicklock® bursting rods through the existing pipe with the hydraulically operated Grundoburst® until the rods reach the launching pit. A flexible guide rod in front helps navigate the existing line. Upon entry at the launch pit, the guide rod is removed and a bursting head, an expander and new NO-DIG vitrified clay jacking pipe are attached.


NO-DIG Pipe Bursting Step 2

Step 2

Pull the entire configuration back through the existing pipe. The bursting head and expander displace the fragmented existing pipe into the surrounding backfill while the new NO-DIG Pipe is pulled in. The pipe is launched one section at a time and assembled sections are held in compression at the rear by a pressure plate connected to a hydraulic cylinder pack. The cylinder pack both homes each pipe joint and holds all assembled pipe sections in compression as the expander is pulled forward.


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