Logan Clay Products' NO-DIG® Pipe for Gravity Sanitary Sewers

For Pilot Tube Microtunneling, Pipe Bursting, Slurry Microtunneling and Sliplining Applications


No-Dig Pipe Installation

The Pilot Tube Method of Installation

Over 400,000 linear feet of NO-DIG pipe has been installed on more than two hundred projects in the U.S. since 1992.

Step 1

Install the pilot tube precisely on

line and grade. The existing soil is

displaced during advancement of the

pilot tube. The hollow stem of the tube provides an optical path for the theodolite and camera to display the head position and steering orientation on a monitor screen.


Step 2

Follow the guided path of the pilot

tube with a reaming head and auger

casings. The displaced soil around the

pilot tube enters the reaming head and

is transported to the jacking shaft for

removal via auger casings. As the auger casings are installed, the pilot tubes are advanced into the reception shaft for removal.


Step 3

Install the NO-DIG Pipe once the

reaming head reaches the reception

shaft. The reaming head and auger

casings are advanced into the reception shaft by the NO-DIG pipe and removed.

The completed result is a pipeline installation with the same guided accuracy as the

pilot tube.


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