Logan Clay Products' NO-DIG® Pipe for Gravity Sanitary Sewers

For Pilot Tube Microtunneling, Pipe Bursting, Slurry Microtunneling and Sliplining Applications


No-Dig Pipe Installation

Delivery, Inspection & Site Handling

Pipe is delivered to the job site, much like bell and spigot pipe, in factory-banded packages and should be inspected prior to unloading.  No-Dig pipe should be unloaded using a forklift with a rubber bumper at the back of the forks.  Care should be taken to ensure the collar material, spigot ends and sealing gaskets are not damaged during unloading.


All components should be inspected again prior to placing the pipe in the jacking shaft.  Both ends of each pipe should be inspected using the factory furnished dye penetrant.  Apply the penetrant to the inside circumference of each pipe end using the brush provided.  Immediately after the dye penetrant is applied, inspect the pipe for damage. The dye will darken any damage, making it plainly visible.


Damaged pipe shall not be used and should be stored in an area where it will not be disturbed until it can be inspected by a manufacturer’s representative.


For more information on inspection, site handling and installation, please see the Logan Clay, NO-DIG Pipe brochure.


Visit Akkerman for more information about the equipment used for pilot tube installations or visit the Logan Clay Pipe web site for more information about us or our bell & spigot (open trench) pipe.

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